Alignments and Correlations

Alignment to the Common Core State Standards

  • Systematically presents content and skills identified as essential for developing reading skills in alignment with the Common Core State Standards through grade 5
  • CommonCoreEmphasis on Foundational Reading Skills is complemented by activities designed to develop automaticity and fluency
  • Provides varied, ongoing opportunities to interact with complex text to develop listening and reading comprehension
  • Focuses on the development of academic and domain-specific vocabulary to improve comprehension in content area reading
  • Integrates both narrative and informational text into activities to build comprehension and provide students with exposure to various genres and types of text structure
  • Strands of activities throughout the program develop students’ academic and domain-specific vocabulary skills, including more advanced structural analysis skills that are especially important for older students as they encounter unfamiliar vocabulary in their content-area reading.
  • Embedded assessment and norm-referenced data provide actionable, real-time data to drive instructional decisions and monitor progress towards Common Core State Standards.


Lexia Assessment Data is Strongly Correlated to Commonly Used Assessments

circusOpeningScreenLexia’s Assessment Without Testing technology gathers norm-referenced student performance data without stopping to administer a test. These measures are correlated to—and highly predictive of—commonly used assessments such as DIBELS and AIMSweb.

Correlations were conducted to determine the strength of the relationship between progress through Lexia and outside measures of reading ability. Performance data from Lexia was correlated with seven progress monitoring, diagnostic and state outcome measures. In general, these correlations were rated as “medium” to “high” correlations, which are considered strong in evaluating assessment tools. The outside measures include:

  • AIMSweb
  • MAP
  • California Standards Test
  • Kansas Computerized Assessment
  • New Mexico Standards Based Assessment

Download the technical paper explaining Lexia’s correlations and validity research.