Welcome to the IT Education Company Australia

Welcome to the IT Education Company Australia

Nov 19, 2015

Lexia Core5

Lexia Reading Core5® provides personalised learning on fundamental literacy skill development for students in year’s pre-K to 6. Older students who are deficit in their foundational literacy skills will significantly benefit from using Lexia Core5® or Lexia Strategies®, as has been shown in many High Schools throughout Australia.  Click for more information

Reading Plus

Reading Plus ® provides personalised learning on higher order literacy development for students from year’s 3 through to University. Students must have their foundational literacy development cemented before moving onto Reading Plus ®. This is where Lexia® literacy development software and Reading Plus® literacy development software enjoy a symbiotic relationship. click for more information

Symphony Math

Symphony Math® is a three-step program that identifies and supports students who need help with maths. Each step in the Symphony Math process is supported by one of the program tools: Screener, Benchmarker, and Intervention. Together the three tools offer a framework for identifying students at risk for math failure, quantifying their rate of progress, and filling in gaps in their mathematical development.

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Parents Comments

“We are seeing a flow-on to other literacy areas that he had previously seemed ‘stuck’ in”.

“Now he reads frequently throughout a day for pleasure”

“Within 6 months he had started reading the young teen chapter books that he had been wanting to read”.

“It was also very useful that I could monitor progress easily and thoroughly”.

“The in-built reward system has been very helpful and we attached tangible rewards to set goals”.

“Lexia Core5 and Reading Plus have been great. Engaging and motivating”.

“Symphony Math. Absolutely brilliant”.

“Big Universe, what can I say. I have over 7,000 K to 12 graded books at my fingertips”

“Lexia and Reading Plus offline resources are exceptional”

“Now she reads for pleasure and is doing well in school, it took 18 months after years of anguish”

“Reading Plus Awesome”.

“Lexia and Reading Plus reports are fantastic”.

“Lexia is absolutely brilliant”.

“The Lexia resources allows you to direct teach and support your children”.