Teacher-Led Instruction

As students work independently in the online activities, real-time performance data is collected through Lexia’s embedded assessment tool, Assessment Without Testing. Educators can access data reports online through their myLexia accounts on a browser, iPad app, or iPhone app.

Identify a well-defined instructional path for each student

Within the data reports, a data-driven action plan is provided to take the guesswork out of differentiating instruction by focusing the teacher’s time on the greatest needs in the classroom and prescribing the instructional intensity needed to help students reach their end-of-year benchmark.  The action plan identifies the skill areas in which the student is currently working, specific skills on which student needs instruction, the program usage based on the student’s recommended minutes in the program, and completed levels with certificates of achievement to celebrate success.

Prioritize and group instruction

The program automatically groups students—by skill—in a “Plan Instruction” list for small group instruction, with color-coded icons based on risk level that help educators prioritize who needs attention first. The program also provides structured, skill-specific instructional materials, called Lexia Lessons® that provide step-by-step strategies for teachers or paraprofessionals to address each student’s skill-gaps (view examples).


Develop automaticity

When a student successfully completes a skill level in Lexia, the program provides a set of paper-and-pencil activities, called Lexia Skill Builders®, for independent seat work, activities in peer groups, or work with a teacher or paraprofessional.  These activities are designed to build automaticity on skills that have been mastered in the online activities and expand students’ expressive skills through discussions and written responses (view examples).

Celebrate student success

Teachers can access a customized certificate of achievement to recognize student progress when a level has been completed.