What’s New in Lexia Reading Core5

2015-2016 Updates

New and improved features in Lexia Reading Core5 are designed to maximize teacher effectiveness with quicker access to classroom data and increase student engagement through an enhanced user experience.

Enhance support for ELL students »

Increase students’ self-monitoring skills »

Make blended learning implementation easier »

Improve the educator’s online portal experience »

Engage students through a personalized experience »

Develop automaticity with new warm-up activities »


a17_pgrph4_vocab_support_FProviding enhanced support for ELL students

  • New native languages supported on browser version: Directions now available in Mandarin, Haitian-Creole, Arabic, and Portuguese in addition to Spanish.
  • New instructional resources, activity guides, and thematic flash card sets help teachers deliver basic vocabulary instruction in small groups or one-on-one.
  • An embedded picture glossary in all Passage Comprehension activities provides pronunciation, definitions, and grammatical information for key words.


Increasing students’ self-monitoring skillsStudent_home_F

  • The Home Screen displays each student’s individual progress towards achieving weekly targets for both usage and skills growth.
  • Using the new Home Screen, students can follow their journey around the world where they can view previously completed levels, and see what lies ahead.
  • A redesigned activity selection screen increases students’ awareness of their skill completion within each half of the level.




BL_Implementation_Easier (400x331) (2)Making a blended learning implementation easier

  • Support for one-to-one device use allows students access to Core5 anytime and anywhere.
  • New Lexia Instructional Connections™ provide strategies and routines to structure individual and group activities that integrate speaking, listening, reading and writing.
  • Targeted content in Lexia Lessons® allows for differentiated teacher-led instruction appropriate across grade levels.
  • Answer keys for all Lexia Skill Builders® give teachers the ability to check students work quickly.
  • Search and filter capabilities in myLexia® now allow educators to easily identify and print appropriate instructional resources.

Improving the educator’s online resource (myLexia) experience

  • Administrators in large schools and districts can manage student and staff accounts easily with new filters, scrolling, and bulk change capabilities.
  • Responsive design provides an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices, from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones, for a consistent user experience.
  • Intuitive design and organization allows educators to access valuable resources including new Lexia Instructional Connections and parent-friendly completion certificates.


Engaging students with a personalized, interactive experience

  • Improvements to activity pacing through streamline program narration eliminate redundancies and enhance clarity.
  • New features track student history in each activity and provide directions only when the student is working on a new and unfamiliar task.
  • Interactive fun facts provide contextual information about the animals, plants, and ecosystems within each of the program’s 18 levels.


Developing automaticity with new warm-up activities at the beginning of each level

  • Students have a choice between two new warm-ups at each level to promote engagement and increase the number of skills addressed.
  • Self-monitoring skills are developed through the integration of a timer and star-based scoring system.
  • The role of automaticity in reading development is reinforced by information about warm-ups on new completion certificates. Students practice previously learned skills in a fun and engaging way before moving on to new challenges.


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