Lexia Powerup

It is expected that by the time a student reaches year six and beyond, they should transition from learning to read to reading to learn. Students who may have gaps in their learning through the transition into higher education can quickly feel left behind, and its generally only when these students are tested that issues may be identified.

PowerUp is a leading education software that builds on self-paced learning with real=time analytics, helping students to build on their skills in line with the core curriculum.

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Lexia PowerUp Key Features

Lexia PowerUp aids students from year six and beyond who may be struggling with reading, or not competent or proficient readers by giving personalised instructions. These instructions are built in to help students develop a greater understanding of the text they are reading, whilst assisting educators to address the needs of these students while they learn and develop at their own pace.

For the Students

The personalised learning experience that Lexia PowerUp provided students allows for lessons based on the students’ abilities. PowerUp uses engaging age-appropriate texts, videos and game-based experiences to encourage students to becoming involved in and take control of their own learning.

Students who partake and engage with the PowerUp software see improvements in their reading development and overall engagement with schoolwork over the terms and school year. With encouraging and motivational tools and age-appropriate humour, Lexia PowerUp is a tool for learning students love.

Compatible with most devices and computer operating systems, students will be able to access their learning programs and schoolwork at school or in the comfort of their own homes.

For the Educators

As teachers, it is very important to know how your students are progressing with their education, with real time information to guide upcoming lessons plans. Lexia PowerUp gives educators the most up to date information on their student’s current level of skills and ability, meaning teachers can save time analysing the data of their students using standard testing methods.
Lexia PowerUp features a blended learning model that gives teachers the flexibility to apply programs to students who need targeted learning instruction to fill any gaps they may have in their learning. Giving the power back to the student to guide their own learning is a great way to boost the confidence and engagement levels of a student’s learning, easily achieved through Lexia PowerUp.

The Three Instructional Strands

Lexia Powerup focuses on the 3 instructional strands:

  • Word Study
  • Grammar
  • Comprehension

Teachers may find that students place at different levels on each of the three strands while they progress through the program. From a foundational to advanced level, students will develop the skills that they need to understand, evaluate, analyse and compare complex text. With a focus on these three strands, students can develop a deeper understanding of a piece of text and in turn become more confident readers.