About ALMO

The Australian Literacy and Maths (ALMO) are passionate about providing education software that has been created specifically for students, to give them the best chance to succeed in their education.

Since 2002, ALMO has set a goal to provide schools Australia wide with the education software support that they need. Developed from research studies that uncover the ways students learn and engage with schoolwork, ALMO provides support and resources for all levels to ensure students get the most from their curriculum.

Educators and teachers alike see the daily struggles faced by some students who fall behind in the classroom and don’t have the opportunity to catch up. ALMO wants to ensure each and every student feels confident and excited by the learning opportunities ahead of them, with access to software that will support them as they improve their literacy and numeracy skills.

As the leading providers of I.T. education software in Australia

we provide the following professional online programmes to schools

These software programmes are available for all schools across Australia and trials are available to schools for all programmes. As educators, we have seen students flourish in both English and Maths thanks to the education software. Our team is available for support and can offer live demonstrations on how to use the programmes.

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We are an educational software provider that is passionate about giving students access to the best learning experiences. To find out more on how we can implement this software into your school’s curriculum, get in touch with ALMO today by calling 02 4845 9000.