Symphony Math

Maths is a key fundamental skill of childhood education that will continue to be used throughout a person’s life. Developing these mathematical skills at an early age is the best way to encourage engagement with maths throughout the latter years of education.

Symphony Maths is available to assist students from Pre-K to Year 8, identifying any gaps in a student’s learning and building on key foundation skills built throughout these years. Symphony Math is based on cognitive research that focuses on attention, language, and thinking, as well as developmental psychology. Maths is often referred to as a language and skill just like reading, and when broken down into more easily understandable pieces, students are more likely to engage and feel less overwhelmed when compared to a larger mathematical problem.

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Learning How Maths Works

Maths can be a sticking point for some students, who feel overwhelmed with the subject in school. When broken down and simplified for students who need some support Maths can become a must easier task, as many students who struggle with maths do so because they don’t understand how maths works.

Symphony Maths allows students to learn at their own pace, developing confidence as the develop the skills to understand the mathematical principles. Understanding the key fundamentals of maths and building a solid foundation of skills is the key focus of Symphony Maths.

Support for Teachers

Teachers using Symphony Maths have access to support and student reporting, giving teachers real-time information about their students’ performance and progress across the school year. With an easy-to-use dashboard, teachers can easily identify which students need extra support during testing and assessments for their maths subject. Offline resources are also provided for students who need these.

Based on a reward system, students using Symphony Plus receive recognition for their achievements, while teachers are given a report on each student’s assessment results, a list of what they have improved on throughout the year, whilst highlight any areas where improvement is needed. This allows teachers to fill in the gaps in students’ maths skills, based on the curriculum, Symphony Maths makes identifying and correcting gaps easy.

Understanding Numbers

Students using Symphony maths are taught at a level achievable for their skills, so they feel comfortable and not overwhelmed by the mathematical problems before them. By creating a space for students to understand how math works, they can then move on to understanding the fundamentals of maths. Through each stage of Symphony Math, students continue to develop stronger foundations and an understanding of basic principles, which then helps them with more advanced equations as they progress.

Develop a Growth Mindset

Students who struggle with maths often worry about making mistakes or not understanding the concepts needed to solve the problems. This can be detrimental to a student’s learning and can make it difficult for them to enjoy learning maths. By encouraging these students to embrace making mistakes as they learn, students are taught that is anything is achievable when they work hard and stay dedicated to finding a solution to the problem. Symphony Maths aims to change the way a student sees maths and help them to understand why they need to embrace failure rather than fearing it.

Research Proven

Symphony Maths is a research based and proven program based on both developmental psychology and cognitive research. Helping students to develop a deeper understanding of how math works rather than focusing on the traditional skills of memorisation that some students can struggle with is the key to Symphony Maths success.

Research shows students who used the program for five hours or more over a prolonged period throughout the school year made eight times more progress in their mathematical learning than those who used it minimally or not at all.