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A students learning is based on the foundation of reading, writing and developing a strong vocabulary, and must continually develop throughout their education. Silent reading is a skill students should refine during the early, formative years of their schooling, with development in both fluency and stamina as they continue to practice their reading.

A fundamental skill in daily life, reading is an essential skill, and Dreambox Reading has a library of over 2,500 materials and texts to engage students with a range of interests and skill levels. The team at Dreambox Reading help focus on reading, vocabulary, fluency and writing to work with teachers to develop a personalised support plan to encourage students through their education. With the ongoing support, Dreambox Reading assists through every aspect of the program.

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Dreambox Reading Offers Solutions for



English Learner

Special Education

Extended Learning

Engage Students to Become Life-Long Readers

Over one million students worldwide have successfully developed the confidence and skills to become fluent and efficient readers. With the reading lessons, students build their knowledge in key academic areas. Vocabulary encourages students to master words by matching them with synonyms and how to use them in a sentence.

The writing section gives students the opportunity to test their skills with writing prompts. These prompts are designed to get students to become more attentive readers and develop a deeper understanding of the text.

Focuses on the 3 Domains of Reading

Dreambox Reading is a personalised reading system that encourages children to become more confident readers by focusing on the three domains of reading, physical, cognitive, and emotional.

Dreambox Reading


Reading is a skill that takes time and practice. Students first learn to read by moving their eyes across a line of text, which develops the more they read. Silent reading is a skill all students must have and Dreambox Reading aids in getting students to encourage eye movement across the lines of text.

Dreambox Reading


Dreambox Reading matches students with text and a vocabulary level that allows them to build word comprehension and knowledge. With a focus on readability, students go at their own pace as they read more complex text, developing higher vocabulary understanding.

Dreambox Reading


Research shows that when students have a higher interest in a subject, they are more likely to engage with the reading material. Dreambox Reading helps students choose the topics they are interested in, encouraging them to read the required text. This leads to greater reading engagement and proficient reading skills.

Support Available for Teachers

Teachers get access to comprehensive learning instructions with both online and print material available to help with lessons,allowing teachers to personalise plans for students and coincide with the core curriculum.

Dreambox Reading gives teachers access to real-time reports of students’ learning to track their progress. This helps teachers to assign lessons to students who may be falling behind and compare data of students’ progress throughout the year. Saving time and resources for educators.

Based on 80 Years of Research

The core foundation of Dreambox Reading is based on over eight decades of research and development in the development of physical and silent reading in children. Dreambox Reading is designed for students in years 3-12 and can help older students who struggle with text improve their reading skills.
Dreambox Reading has been designed to get students interested in reading with a focus on comprehension and motivation to read. With over 80 years of research to support our program, Dreambox Reading is the research-proven program every student needs to get ahead of the game.