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ALMO are the experts when it comes to providing schools with the best literacy and numeracy development software for both student and to give teaches the most useful information to ensure no student is left behind. As educators, we all want our students to gain the most and achieve their full potential from the teaching we provide, especially in the foundational subjects of literacy and numeracy.

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At ALMO, we are the leading sellers of educational programmes:


The Lexia Core5 structured literacy system encompasses personalised online learning with real-time performance data for teachers.
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Lexia Powerup literacy supports students who are non-proficient readers in years 7 and above.
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Reading Plus focuses on the three key fundamentals of reading, physical, cognitive, and emotional.
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Students who struggle with mathematics do so because of the one-size-fits-all approach and memorisation techniques.
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Each of these programs provide students both in Australia and around the globe to improve their basic foundations of literacy and numeracy as part of their curriculum. With each program designed specifically to assist teachers in identifying the gaps in their students learning and giving their students support in an engaging way to achieve the results they need. Reports found that students increased their learning in both the classroom and at home during homework from using the programs for 20 – 30 minutes, three times per week.

At ALMO, our aim is for every student to get the most out of their education, without creating more work for their teachers. We offer programs to schools across Australia and are on hand to support the implementation. We understand the difficulty when it comes to getting students to engage in the classroom, which is the reason Lexia Core5, Lexia Powerup, Reading Plus and Symphony Math are the perfect addition to delivering any school curriculum.