Lexia Core5

When your child first logs in to Lexia Core5®, or Lexia Strategies®, they will take an autoplacement assessment. This assessment will place your child at the correct level that they need to start Lexia Core5® or Strategies®. The autoplacement is very accurate and will pick up weaknesses within foundational literacy skills as well as concepts that are not understood by your child.

Once your child has been placed at the correct level within the Lexia® programme your child will start working through units of development. If a child makes 2 mistakes within a unit then the programme will branch down, in that unit, simplifying instruction whilst at the same time providing pencil and paper work on that precise difficulty. If your child makes a further mistake in the first branch down then the programme will branch down further.

In the second branch down your child will be introduced into programme led instruction on the specific difficulty. Also provided to the Parent/Caregiver is a teaching plan, using different teaching strategies as well as providing the parent with resources to implement these strategies.

Parents/Caregivers are provided with accurate real time reporting with resources allocated next to the child’s name. Also provided in the resources section are on demand training videos for every aspect of Lexia Core5® as well as a wealth of other resources.

Once your child has finished Lexia® then they will be rolled over onto Reading Plus®. If this occurs within the contracted period then there will be no additional cost. Please read the information on Reading Plus®.

Finally, the Staff at Australian Literacy and Maths Online (ALMO) will overview your reports on a weekly basis and offer advice, if deemed required, via email, to the Parent. If the Parent/Caregiver requires help, the Parent/Caregiver can contact the Staff at ALMO either via email or telephone, at no further cost throughout the signup period.

‘Thank you and welcome to A.L.M.O.’